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All jewellery produced by Aland Irène Design is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for up to 12 months from date of purchase.  Examples of manufacturing defects include a loose prong, cracked metal, a faulty clasp, solder issues, etc.  Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of handmade jewellery, organic imperfections in the design are welcomed and a sign of a truly handmade piece. Imperfect symmetry, texture, and finishes are what gives a design character and are not considered manufacturing defects.  Should a jewellery piece have a manufacturer defect within the allotted 12 months , the piece will be repaired, cleaned, and polished, free of charge.  This warranty is only valid to the original buyer and is not transferable.  If the jewellery has been altered or modified then the warranty claims are not valid.  Proof of purchase may be necessary. For damage due to accident or wear and tear,  Aland Irène Design will repair the piece upon approval of an estimate.  The damage to your jewellery piece will be inspected to determine if it qualifies for the warranty. 

Custom Design Satisfaction Warranty

The standard 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty applies to to custom designs, I also include one free adjustment of size for up to 12 months after date of purchase.  A sketch of your custom design will be made prior to paying your deposit, and final payment will be due once the design is finished.  If multiple sketches are required due to revisions of the design, the sketches will be made after the deposit is secured. Your custom ring design is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind and made solely by the artist Aland Irène from start to finish, by hand, with no computer aided design or 3D printing. 

Lifetime Cleaning Guarantee

To keep your jewelry looking sparkly and new, Aland Irène Design guarantees a lifetime of professional cleaning and polishing free of charge.  No proof of purchase necessary.  For quick cleaning tips at home, click here.

Lifetime Inspection Guarantee

It’s important to keep your jewelry in good shape.  Daily wear and tear can make metal brittle over time.  As a result, it’s recommended to have your gemstone settings inspected every year.  No proof of purchase necessary, just contact Aland directly to set up your free inspection. 

Diamonds & Gemstones
All diamonds and gemstones of any jewellery item are not covered under any warranty.  It is the buyer’s  responsibility to care and maintain their diamonds and gemstones carefully. Please read this blog post on how to care for your gemstones properly. Although diamonds rate a hardness of 10 on MOHS scale, these hard minerals can still be damaged with a slight flick of a hard surface depending on the angle and strike. All gemstones are susceptible to chips, cracks, colour fade, and scratches due to normal wear and tear and are therefor excluded from warranty.  All gemstones vary in hardness and durability and it is the buyers responsibility to do their research prior to purchase. 


For wholesale inquiries please contact me here.


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