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  • Do you make your products?
    Yes, all my products are made by me the artist Aland Irène in my Vancouver studio. Each one-of-a-kind product is made start to finish by hand, beginning with the drawing of the design, right down to the finishing touches. To see some behind the scenes and more on the process click here.
  • Can I have a custom piece made?
    Yes! I specialize in custom designs, especially for the gold rings I create. I take every detail very seriously to ensure a personalized piece that is heirloom-worthy for my clients. The ring should be an extension of my clients personality and the moments they want to cherish. Please visit my contact page to inquire and we can discuss the details.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes! Please see the shipping page for more details.
  • What type of gemstones do you carry?
    My collection of gemstones varies from sapphires, to rubies, diamonds, and boulder opals. Tourmaline, topaz, and more. That being said if you have a particular stone in mind I can source the stone for you.
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