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  • This unique eye necklace is carved by hand and the entire necklace is made of 14k solid gold.  The eye pendant is available in a variety of gemstones including white and black diamond, sapphire, emerald, moonstone, ruby, peridot, and iolite.  The eye necklace makes a great everyday necklace that’s easy to wear yet still makes a statement.  It can be worn own it’s own or layered with other necklaces.   It comes on an 18 or 16 inch solid gold chain.
    •Made of solid high quality 14k gold.  Also available in white gold, as well as 18k upon request.
    •Guaranteed one-of-a-kind design - no two necklaces are exactly alike.
    •Every component made by hand from start to finish by myself the designer Aland Irène in my Vancouver studio.
    •Custom sizes and personalized options available upon request.  Gemstone or metal variation also available.
    •A portion of all sales is donated to CPAWS, a highly rated, reputable organization who’s mission it is to protect our parks and wilderness. Visit to learn more.

    Handmade 14k Gold Eye Necklace

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