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The Murmuration Starling Ring - Men’s Rustic Gold Wedding Band

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

This handmade solid gold rustic men’s ring was inspired by the murmurations formed by starlings often seen over bodies of water or above fields. The masculine bird ring is the perfect combination of rustic and refined with it‘s matte texture along with the filed faceted high polish edges. The handmade gold starling ring has a murmuration design that’s been carved by hand and flows in an abstract form just like a murmuration of starlings. Each bird pattern is one-of-a-kind. The rough textured gold ring has a subtle intricate feather carved on the inside of the band.

“a great alternative wedding band

for someone that’s wanting a

rustic style wedding

ring inspired by nature...”

This earthy toned matte gold ring makes a great alternative wedding band for someone that’s wanting a rustic style wedding ring inspired by nature. When used as a wedding band, the feather carving symbolizes “birds of a feather flock together”, which represents the unity and harmony we build within a relationship and the strong bond that’s formed between two people. The feather carving unifies the handmade wedding ring set that includes this starling bird engagement ring.

The one-of-a-kind bird ring is carved by hand from start to finish, starting with a sketchbook. No two rings are alike, ensuring the wearer has a unique gold ring that no one else will have. Each rustic gold ring is created using a variety of metalsmithing methods, including - carving, filing, sawing, casting, burnishing, polishing, annealing, hammering and engraving.

The murmuration ring is available to order in different widths. The standard size for this ring is a 10mm wide band made in 14k solid gold with an approximate 2mm gauge. Custom ring sizes are available - just be aware that changing the width may alter the design to best suit the width.

Murmurations are a symbol of unity and this was the inspiration behind creating this unique wedding band. The birds work together in perfect unison, to create a stunning dark cloud of synchronicity. It’s still a mystery to scientists as to how they are able to work together with such incredible coordination. When a murmuration is formed the starlings become a powerful force that are able to ward off even the most determined predators. To experience a murmuration in person is both grounding and awe inspiring. It leaves you feeling undeniably connected to something greater than ourselves. To shop this ring click here. For further questions and custom inquiries including adding stones or using a higher karat please contact me here.

A sense of wonder is created by the feeling of ‘belonging’. Each Starling has its place, all are welcome; none are left out. I have my place too: down here, observing. I long to be a part of their movement, to belong with them, to be closer –Reflective Journal 16.12.17


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