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Aland started her career as a goldsmith in 2010 after completing the Jewellery Art and Design program at VCC.  Each piece Aland creates  is made from scratch  in her North Vancouver studio, starting with the melting of the metal.  Her commitment to producing dreamy, one-of-a-kind, bohemian style, fine jewelry comes from her deep appreciation for nature's details.   


Living on the edge of the wilderness,  Aland takes direct inspiration from her own backyard and the places she travels to. Whether it be casting decaying cactus for her Sonora line, or finding twigs with her toddler from the rainforest that surrounds her studio  - Aland's goal as a designer is to make her wearer feel special and more connected to nature with jewellery that is as unique as them.

Welcome to my workbench ⚒💍 This where t
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