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7 Tips on How To Clean Your Handmade Engagement Ring

We all have a special ring or two that we want to keep as shiny as new! Whether it's a handmade engagement ring, a gold wedding band, or a sentimental personal ring... Here are some tips and tricks to keep your special ring sparkling!

Pictured: Handmade stackable engagement ring by Aland Irene Design. Click here to shop.

1. Seal your handmade engagement ring.

This one's all about prevention. Seal your handmade engagement ring in either a ziplock bag, a cloth pouch, or a small container. This helps to keep the metal from oxidizing which causes dark tarnishing. ​

2. Take your handmade engagement ring off.

Be sure to take your handmade engagement ring off when washing your hands with detergents or showering. Detergents can cause the precious gemstones to dull over time and can even scratch them if abrasive. Over time, your one-of-a-kind handmade gold ring will have soap residue build up in the crevices giving your cherished engagement ring a dull look.

3. Don't dip your handmade engagement ring!

People are often tempted to buy a cleaning solution for their handmade gold rings. Although the immediate effect of these dipping baths are super effective, over time you will be doing more harm than good. These chemical solutions give fast results, but once dipped your precious gold ring will tarnish even quicker than before. Not only that, but these solutions will do damage to the gemstones over time. The gemstones will become dull and fragile.

4. Use a polishing cloth.

Polishing cloths are a terrific way to keep your handmade gold rings sparkling like new! The cloths are coated in a solution that removes the dark tarnish from the ring when you rub it. You will see the results on the cloth itself which is very satisfying! Note that these cloths should never be washed or put in the dryer as they will become less effective.

5. Rub your rings on your face. Yes, you heard right.

Yes! This may not be everyone's top choice, but the oils from your face help to clean the tarnish off your handcrafted gold rings. I learned this trick from a classmate of mine who specialized in First Nation's jewellery. I can attest to it working but beware if you have a high acidity level on your skin you may end up with some black smudge face paint!

6. Brush your...stones. Your ring will thank you!

Do you recall the Dawn dish soap commercial where they claim that their detergent was gentle enough to clean animals from an oil spill? Well, they're correct! And the same applies to using it on your handmade engagement ring's precious gemstones. If the gemstones in your gold ring are looking a little dull don't be afraid to break out the Dawn. Use a soft bristle toothbrush with the gentle detergent under warm water to clear away any scum buildup. Be sure to get under the stone on the inside of the engagement ring band as well. You can even use dental floss to get into super tight spaces.

7. Get your handmade engagement ring professionally cleaned.

It's always a great idea to have your handmade engagement ring professionally cleaned. Considering it's value and how often it's worn it's certainly worth paying a small fee to have it looking new again. Whether once a year or more, nothing will compare to having your handmade engagement ring cleaned by the experts. Not only will they clean off all the tarnish, but they will also polish off any scratches or even dents. They have the specialized tools to get the job done right!

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